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Many consumer items are usually compensated with a money back guarantee unlike cars and this is one reason that one needs the best warranty to offer the best protection that there is. There are two types of classic car warranties, which are power-train and comprehensive warranty. These two classic car warranties differ in that they do not cover the same items. The power-train warranty covers the engine, drive shaft, transmission, and drive axles. For the comprehensive warranty, despite its name it does not comprehend everything; it only covers some of the items.

Understanding your classic car warranty and your old car warranty at times can be very tricky bearing in mind that not all car warranties are the same. There arise big differences between warranties offered by different companies. For the comprehensive warranty, it only protects the car for a stipulated time of 1 year or 12000 miles but for many manufacturers they provide a warranty of 3 years and 36000 miles. Itís always advisable that you consult the warranty booklet so as to know what to do in case of a problem. For the classic car warranty, part of its warranty states that before issuing a certificate that the car must be certified that itís working properly and tested. This is controversial with the law. In a case where you take your car to the service station of your choice itís mostly believed that you are supposed to pay for all the repairs and the expense. In real sense this is not supposed to affect your warranty. There is an act that states that consumers can take their cars to the service station of their own desires.

In case of old car warranty, most car buyers are usually worried of what to do in case their car breaks down. There is no need to worry as an old car warranty can provide some peace of mind in this case. In a case where the car you are buying is only a few years old, the car may not have exhausted the original manufacturerís warranty and this warranty is supposed to be transferred with the old car. Many deals will always recommend that you purchase an extended warranty. Itís advisable that you read and understand the print out. Know the items covered in the warrant and who is responsible for the repairs. There are also manufacturer companies which offer extended car warranties. Other brands offer vehicles scheme.

When you are buying a car from a dealer its more expensive than obtaining one from a private sale. There are three month statutory warrants that are covered for most cars. There is information that dealers are supposed to reveal to the buyers. This information includes the check information. Itís this information that declares the title of the car clear with no finance owed to it. Dealers should also reveal the old car warranty coverage. The manufacturer year and the distance covered by the car should also be revealed to the buyer. The information revealed by the dealer will also give the buyer more reason for buying the car.