Window Washing Tips And Tricks

Window washing is one of those chores that very few people like to do. You generally have to put yourself in precarious positions in order to do the work. Window washing does not have to be a hardcore, and you can do this work safely if you know a few of the professional secrets. For window cleaning Denver no one beats Signature. They are our partner company locally.

Window washing should be done simultaneously when possible. That means try to pair up with someone else and one of you wash from the interior while one of you washes from the exterior. This way you can see if the panes are clean on your side and you are not running in and out of the house trying to find where the smudges on the panes are located.

Use an old newspaper when you are window washing. Newspaper will not put lint onto the window, it is a free item you are about to discard in your trash, and it leaves a streak-free shine. Once you have used the newspaper on your windows you can save it and use it to provide a weed barrier around the exterior portions of the house.

Vinegar is a safe product to use when you are window washing. When you are cleaning windows a lot of the cleaner runs down the side of the house and leaches into the ground. Vinegar is a natural substance that will not harm animals, people, or groundwater.

Buy a handle for your squeegee that will extend so you can do your cleaning of the glass while standing on the ground. You do not want to have to climb up on a ladder if you do not have to. You can apply the vinegar to the window using a sponge mop with an extension handle, and then you can use a squeegee to wipe the vinegar solution off of the panes of glass.

When you wash your windows on hot days apply your cleaning solution to only one-quarter of the surface at a time. On hot days the cleaning solution will dry on the window before you can wipe it off if you cover the entire pane of glass at one time. Apply cleaner to only one-quarter of the window at a time and you will be able to remove the cleaner before it dries.

Wash windows from top to bottom. That is purely common sense but it not only applies to each individual pane, but to the way the windows are positioned on the house.